The phases video project:

About the song

Hello! Thank you for visiting my website and following me on my musical journey. The last few years I have been writing, recording, throwing songs away, falling back in love with discarded songs and writing some more. Basically, I've been sitting on my music because I didn't understand what kind of artist I wanted to be.

But there was always Phases. 

It was song that i remember being written very quickly, but in reality took months of refining the lyrics. It was the most honest i'd ever been in a song and I needed to try and find a way to NOT be. I never did find it. But i did learn to accept it. And the words that I wrote as a heartbroken man in the Fall of 2015 (why YES, it is a breakup song) soon became confessions I didn't mind admitting. There wasn't any good guy or bad guy. We simply move on. 

But I held onto the song for so long for an entirely selfish reason. As a writer, I wanted to hold on to what I considered one of the best songs i'd written to date just a little longer. To release it meant to let it go, and with that comes the insecurity that people may not like even your best work. The longer I waited, the harder it became to let go of. 

I had made a mistake, though. I sent the demo to my good friend, Chase Keller, years ago. And he waited for me to do the thing but I would never do the thing. He made the decision for me. And it was the push I needed. I've grown more comfortable with myself as a writer since I first wrote Phases. And with that, I hope, comes the knowledge that my best work is still somewhere beneath the surface. 

The goal

I always knew Phases would be the lead single of whatever I ended up releasing. It's been an ear worm to my friends and family and I'm not sick of playing it yet, which is always a good sign. This song has meant a lot to me for so long and I want to give it the opportunity to be heard and for my vision for the songs potential to reach a wide audience. To do this, It was important the production on the song didn't sound out of place on the radio (Something I think Chase accomplished!). So now comes the next step: a music video for my lead single.

I have a bit on an ambitious idea for the video, which is where you, the fans, come in. My last video, I simply went to Downtown Dallas with a couple of friends on a really cold December night. But I want to tell a story. I want to make a REAL video for this song. It deserves it and it has waited patiently long enough. I didn't want to go the Kickstarter route. It always felt cheap when I had nothing to offer in return but a song. So I decided, I'll just sell the song. I'll let YOU decide what you would like to contribute to my project. The goal? Just $500. It feels like a lot. But I believe in this song and I think that with your help I can make this happen. Anything helps so make your donation and snag your downloaded track!